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In Ragna Crimson’s anime, we see a dreamland where mankind is on the edge and plagued by mythical beasts, fighters known as dragon hunters are the one thing remaining among security and eradication.

Winged serpent trackers utilize silver weapons to kill mythical beasts and gather their bounties. Ragna is one of a hunter, yet entirely not an especially decent one. He partners alongside the youthful 12 years of age young lady Leonica, one of the world’s most skilled dragon hunters, on a mission to vanquish a dragon. In any case, as the mythical beast danger abruptly increases, he acquires power from an unforeseen partner who shows him what might occur in the event that he stays frail: he would see Leonica pass on in his arms. Furnished with this new power and energized by the apprehension about losing Leonica, he abandons her and decides to kill each winged dragon in his way — regardless of how strong they might be.

The anime has a capable cast, Chikai Kobayashi as Laguna, Ayumu Murase as Blood Red, and Inori Minase as Leonika, among others. In the background, the series is coordinated by Ken Takahashi, with character plan by Shinpei Aoki, screenplay by Deko Akao, and series workmanship division by Daiki Kobayashi, and Taeko Mizuno. Series movement division – Natsuki Soga, Series Cinematography by Atsushi Satô

How Many Episodes Will Ragna Crimson Season 1 Have?

It has been announced that Ragna Crimson Season 1 will have 24 episodes in total. So with that in mind, we have only 23 episodes to go after this week’s chapter.

RAGNA CRIMSON: Episode 1 (The day the Reaper was born)

As our narrative begins, Leonica and Ragna appear to be doing okay despite the harsh nature of their life. Leonica has enormous strength, which is amazing given that she is just 12 years old. She has earned the moniker “The Prodigy” for her effortless ability to neutralize any danger. While accompanying her on her hunts, Ragna primarily serves as a cheerleader. Ranga is rescued by Leonica in their introductory sequence from a dragon despite having no combat skills, giving the impression that this happens frequently.

We discover other dragon hunters who despise Ragna when the pair arrives back in town, most notably Sykes Charluke (Yuki Ono, Beastars), who is the second-best dragon hunter in the area. He sees the wraith of The Prodigy, who dares anybody in the local guild to join her in her mission to fight every dragon on the globe, and declares Ragna to be nothing more than luggage that is dragging Leonica down. The spectator receives its first glimpse of Ragna’s level of devotion for the lady he views as his idol when only Ragna accepts the challenge. It won’t be the final one.

Ragna’s traumatic history is hinted at multiple times in Ragna Crimson Episode 1. Ragna blamed himself and his frailties for losing his parents to dragons when he was a little child and finally came to the conclusion that everyone around him suffers because of him. He will always be grateful to Leonica for saving him from his misery and for her generosity to him. This brings up the one significant narrative flaw Ragna Crimson Episodes 1 possesses. It is implied that the two will take a bath together when they get home as they depart the pub. Even if Leonica and Ragna were siblings, the fact that they are 12 and 16 years old, respectively, makes this situation awkward. Although there isn’t a clear indication of a romantic relationship between the two over the episodes, Ragna’s love for Leonica is frequently hinted at, which might raise more questions. Thankfully, by the time episode two comes to a close, the likelihood of this tragic circumstance occurring again feels remote.

Ragna had a terrifying nightmare in which he sees images of Leonica’s gruesome death and his helplessness to prevent it. Ragna wakes up in a cold sweat, convinced that the unsettling pictures are more than just a nightmare, and he makes the decision to strengthen himself so he can defend Leonica. However, he has far less time than he realises to make progress. Soon after, it is announced that a nearby city has been devastated, and the dragons responsible are now en route to that city. Even Leonica meets her equal in the savage assault on the city when she faces up against Grymwelte (Takehito Koyasu, Blade Runner: Black Lotus), a powerful dragon but the weakest of the so-called Superior Dragons. Ragna jumps into the fight out of fear that this strong adversary will kill Leonica, only to be knocked into a nearby river. He is visited by the enigmatic man from his visions, who introduces himself as Ragna’s future self, as he is submerging into the ocean.

The dreadful things that would happen to Ragna following Leonica’s passing are revealed by his future self. Until he develops abilities unmatched by any human before him, he will battle and slaughter dragons. There is little left to defend by the time he can use this immense strength, though. Ragna, furious at his destiny, begs his future self to grant him this ability so he may save Leonica and stop this future from occurring. As fate would have it, future Ragna had intended to do just that.

Silver Link bestows his new abilities on Ragna in some absolutely breathtaking visual ways as she awakens. Even the powerful Grymwelte is a mere afterthought for the newly empowered hero as enemies are turned to dust in his presence. Rarely has a character change produced such a powerful and horrible result. It’s breathtaking to see.

However, it appears that Ragna must pay a price for his newfound abilities since not long after the battle is won, Ragna passes out from exhaustion from the strain he has put on his body. Ending the double-sized start of the series on a tense note, the city is once more plagued as huge vines flow from the neighboring forest as he recovers from his struggle.

RAGNA CRIMSON: Episode-2(The beginning of the story)

At the beginning of Ragna Crimson episode 2, we are shown a superior dragon. Which is behind all the attacks that took place in the city. The plants in the main city had been attacked in a brutal manner. These plants are completely freed from freezing after they die. After this, it is discovered that these plants are actually part of the main dragons. Then on the other side, the leo which is killing a lot of plants, then it is seen that the ragna has got hold of many plants, Leo tries to free the ragna but when it kills the plants, it catches Leo. Seeing Ragna’s eyes open with one step, creates an extreme silvering wave. Or the whole place is spreading. And wherever there are plants or dragons, they seem to freeze. Then Ragna moves very fast in front of the superior dragon. Ragna learns that whoever is crushing on him will be killed by the dragon, or the only attempt to stop him is the one who killed all the dragons. There Ragna sees a girl named Eloza Yorkshire. Looking at him, Ragna has found out about his past life. Ragna tells that girl Eloza Yorkshire that she is a dragon monarch in her past life and has betrayed her bloodline of wings to her dragon god. Or you want to kill her because you have introduced me to my future self. Your only goal is to kill every dragon in the world. Then superior dragon appears there.  Ragna has fired a superpower beam or pointed it towards his mouth. This ray either bursts or enters the dragon’s body through its mouth. Ragna then instructed Leo to gather up everyone in the nation and flee across the border; else, he threatened to kill the region’s sole dragon. Leo said that she was a dragon hunter or she would never abandon him.

. Ragna makes a self-promise to save Leo at any cost after hearing this. Ragna then recalls her first encounter with Leo. Leo warned Ragna that the weak person would be slain by the dragon when they first met. The dragon will be slain by a powerful person. Leo has heard me say that you are a blessing in my life, but I cannot or do not want to put you at risk while you are with me. After hearing all of this, Leo becomes very enraged and attempts to assault Ragna, but Ragna deflects his blow with one finger. She then departed the nation while bringing every citizen with her.

The setting suddenly changes. Ragna’s future self is also displayed to us. When Crimson appears behind Ragna in the future and declares that she has never seen a single person so powerful, Ragna effortlessly dispatches the dragon. As the one and only Dragon Monarch, I am Crimson. I just have one proposition for you: let’s team up and slay the dragon as comrades. You have a lot of power, and Crimson believes I can utilize it well, so please join me as an ally. Ragna regains his composure. realizing that his body is ineligible for the Silverline art form.

RAGNA CRIMSON: Episode-3(Agitation)

At the beginning of Ragna Crimson Episode No. 3, it is shown that a dragon is attacking everyone with its tornadoes. Dragon feels very good after seeing the people injured in the attack. On the other side, some people are killing many dragons. Just then Ragna arrives and kills all the dragons. Just then Crimson’s slim one gets transformed into a human being and tells Ragna that he is a newcomer, you will call me Mr. Slim and give me respect. Then Crimson silences Slim and asks Ragna to tell him how many Dragon Monarchs we have killed in the past, but Ragna finds nothing about all this. Crimson asks if you know where the Silverline Art is, and no, Ragan says that the Silverline Art form resides in my body, not my memory. Crimson is very excited that by taking Ragna’s Silverline body art, she will use this power to hunt the dragon and a team is formed to hunt the dragon. Crimson tells all the dragon hunters present there that Ragna has a superpower He can kill many dragons at once and I am a magician. Together, Ragna and I will destroy all the dragons. All the dragon hunters present there are impressed and join the team with Ragna. There was a guy on that team whose name was Michael. He asks Crimson to come with him because the dragon is troubling their city.

Michael and his team are not powerful enough to defeat the dragon. That’s why Michael asks Crimson and Ragna to come along. At the same time, Crimson gives the Silverline Sword to Mitchell and goes with them to the city to destroy the dragon. The Silverline Sword is a very powerful sword that Ragna the Ripper uses. Then after that their journey is to hunt dragon are begone.

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